Hemo Trial Kit 5 ml Hemoglobind

Hemo Trial Kit 5 ml Hemoglobind 

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Sodium chloride 5 M, 1000 ml

12-9191-5 1000 ml
EUR 96


MAG-FRAG-I-5 1/pk
EUR 158
Description: Bioscience Mag Beads; Magnetic Fragment Select

Sodium hydroxide powder 5 M, 1000 ml

12-9183-5 1000 ml
EUR 122

Steady-Luc Firefly HTS Assay Kit (trial size)(4 mL)

30028-T 1KIT
EUR 94
Description: Minimum order quantity: 1 unit of 1KIT


C0010-01 RT 500 mL Bottle
EUR 183

HemogloBind™ Nucleic Acid

HN250-20 20 preps
EUR 364
Description: DNA/RNA Enrichment Kit

HemogloBind™ Nucleic Acid

HN250-200 200 preps
EUR 1014
Description: DNA/RNA Enrichment Kit


MAG-PCR-NM-5 1/pk
EUR 229
Description: Bioscience Mag Beads; Magnetic PCR Normaliser


C3581-5 5 mg
EUR 295
Description: IC50: 32, 20, and 41 nM for TC-83, V3526, and Trinidad donkey strains, respectively.ML-336 is an inhibitor for VEEV-induced cytopathic effect.


C3647-5 5 mg
EUR 174
Description: IC50: LYPLA1 (17 nM) and the related LYPLA2 (30 nM)ML-211 is a dual inhibitor of LYPLA1 and the related LYPLA2.Lysophospholipase 1 (LYPLA1), a protein palmitoyl thioesterase, is responsible for depalmitoylation of the oncogene HRas.


C4181-5 5 mg
EUR 180
Description: ML-265 (TEPP-46) is a potent and selective PKM2 activator [1][2]. Pyruvate kinase catalyzes the final step in glycolysis and transfers the phosphate group from phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP) to adenosine diphosphate (ADP) to yield adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and pyruvate.


C4287-5 5 mg
EUR 145
Description: ML-178 is a novel and selective S1P4 activator with EC50 value of 46.3 nM [1]. ML-178 is a novel and selective S1P4 activator.


C3354-5 5 mg
EUR 395
Description: ML-356 is an inhibitor of the thioesterase domain of fatty acid synthase with IC50 value of 334 nM.Fatty acid synthase (FAS) is a multi-enzyme protein that catalyzes fatty acid synthesis, fatty acids are related to energy production and storage, cellular structure ,hormones biosynthesis


C3474-5 5 mg
EUR 163
Description: ML264, a potent and selective inhibitor of kruppel-like factor 5 (KLF5), inhibits the growth of colorectal cancer.


C3058-5 5 mg
EUR 145
Description: IC50: 140 nMML-354 is an indole-based, proteinase-activated receptor (PAR) 4 antagonist with good potency and reasonable selectivity versus PAR1. PARs are a family of four G-protein-coupled receptors GPCRs (PAR1-PAR4) with several unique attributes, which are activated by serine proteases.

ML 240

B4926-5 5 mg
EUR 171

ML 349

B4934-5 5 mg
EUR 206

ML 213

B5628-5 5 mg
EUR 126

ML 204

B5696-5 5 mg
EUR 152

ML 281

B5750-5 5 mg
EUR 206

ML 289

B5783-5 5 mg
EUR 151

ML 228

A4508-5 5 mg
EUR 197
Description: HIF pathway activator (EC50 values are 1.23 and 1.4 ?M for HRE gene reporter assay and HIF-1? nuclear translocation assay respectively); acts via chelation of iron, independently of PHD.


C5358-5 5 mg
EUR 168
Description: ML-291 is an apoptosis inducer. Apoptosis, a process of programmed cell death, occurs in multi-cellular organisms. Biochemical events result in characteristic cell changes (morphology) and death.


C5718-5 5 mg
EUR 183
Description: ML-031 is an agonist of S1P2 with EC50 value of 1 ?M [1].

ML 239

A8719-5 5 mg
EUR 139
Description: ML239 is the best-in-class inhibitor of the breast cancer stem cells with an IC50= 1.16 µM. [1]ML239 was a selective inhibitor an IC50= 1.18 µM against HMLE_sh_Ecad.

Hemo Trial Kit 5 ml Hemoglobind